Alcazar - This Is The World We Live In

Set to follow Eric Prydz in reaching the upper echelons of the charts, is the new single 'This Is The World We Live In' by the Swedish disco pop collective Alcazar.

'This Is The World We Live In' is a high-energy euro disco pop mishmash of Genesis' 'Land Of Confusion' and 'Upside Down' by Diana Ross. The song uses the lyrics and melody of the former with the loop of the latter. Together with the singing on the song, it helps to make for an infectious tune.

This is fine, if you're into this kind of music, as it’s another well-produced manufactured pop song with all the hooks in the right places. Added to this, are lots of electronic twists and bobs and bits that go whoosh on it with the members of the band taking it in turns to sing before they all sing together for the chorus.

'This Is The World We Live In' will probably be played endlessly on the TV, radio and pubs/clubs so, after a while, this song will really start to grate on you but until then, enjoy.



out of 10
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