Akira The Don - AAA EP

The music style is simple - beautiful electro bleeps over some old school MCing and hip hop beat and the content is celebratory – the future is great.

Akira The Don, aka Adam Alphabet, has released another EP echoing the equally loopy and obviously titled, Akira The Don’s First EP.

AAA is a personal journey with such an embracement of all sounds techno that the most minimal electro can cohabit with the purest hip hop harmoniously.

Known as the “rap Morrissey”, the Don is at his best in the track Living in the Future made with only an 808, a synthesiser and his rap verbalising raw throughout. Living The Future has a quaint melody and with a lighthearted take on modern technology as a subject, he shows the listener that the world of Akira the Don is a cute one.



out of 10
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