Airbourne - Diamond Cuts

Throughout their near 15 year career, Australian rockers Airbourne have been plagued by suggestions of copycatting their fellow countrymen, the mighty (and all but retired) AC/DC. The similarity is not lost here. Just like AC/DC, the boys from Warrnambool, know what they like. And what they do, they do well. Which is peddle to the metal, beer swilling, lady loving, good time rock n' roll.

After 2016's return to form in the release of Breakin' Outta Hell, here we have the obligatory stop gap, a set of B-sides bundled together as Diamond Cuts. B-sides and rarity releases can be hit or miss or, on the odd occasion like Metallica's Garage Inc., out of this world, so it's a risky release for a band like Airbourne, not quite superstars on the world stage but making good headway nonetheless.

The package takes leftover tracks from their first four albums and the quality and drive of the record shines through from the beginning. Main standouts include 'Kickin' It Old School' with its tales of how it was done back in the 80's or what to do with your money on (ahem) 'Money'. Best track though is 'My Dynamite Will Blow You Sky High' with its stomping toe-tapping groove, throbbing bass and wailing guitar extolling the sexual prowess of the character in the song. You can almost smell and feel the grimy, sticky bar and stale cigarette stench drenched through not just this song but the whole record and for a B-sides album these guys have strength in depth.


A strong collection of cast offs from Australia's greatest current export.


out of 10


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