Agent Blue - Children's Children

'Children’s Children' is markedly different from Agent Blue’s previous singles in that those were angst driven anthems, whereas this single sees them branching out and exploring new song writing territory. This is more of a slow burning epic with a caterwaul of guitar feedback ringing throughout the song making it’s intent of capturing those who listen, inescapable. The song’s clutches dig in grabbing the listener with the singer’s vocals. The song finishes expertly, by ending abruptly before you've had time to finish your bag of chips, leaving the listener wanting more.

Of interesting note, is the last track on the single, 'Silence Is Golden'. Schizophrenic drums and guitars scorn their way through with lightning pace making for an instrumental that has the crux of Agent Blue at the centre of it’s screaming black heart, pumping the veins of guitar squall that ends it.

'Children’s Children' is a good single by Agent Blue and makes for an excellent taster for their forthcoming album.



out of 10
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