A-ha - Cosy Prisons

Despite its rather disappointing chart placing, "Analogue" is possibly the best album of A-ha's career, closest in quality to their debut, "Hunting High and Low". Previous single "Analogue (All I Want)" is in my opinion the best they have ever produced, a stunning piece of emotive pop with the most incredible chorus. And the good news is that the next single, "Cosy Prisons", is every bit as good - a very different song to its predecessor, but reeking of a similar quality from a band on top form.

Slightly remixed to the album version, this track is now much beefier, with more bite. The piano line at the start is exquisite, gentle strings leading you into Harket's vocal. The lyrics are wonderful, full of soul with a hint of sadness, beautifully delivered. The instrumentation on this song is very restrained, allowing the music to breathe, never smothered by the strings. At the half way mark, the song explodes into melody, until all is stripped away at the end for a breathtaking finish.

In short, this is a wonderful song, a excellent example of classic song writing. It would be sad if this did not receive the wide recognition it deserves. In the UK, it seems people find it hard to look beyond the old, teeny-bop days to see the band they have become. Shame, as to do that means to miss out on some very fine songs indeed.




out of 10
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