3hostwomexicansandatinofspanners - Pegasus Bridge

Honestly, I have no idea how to pronounce 3hostwomexicansandatinofspanners either, but let's not dwell on that (and it's a cheat to copy and paste from this review if you want to search Google for it!). I've not received a smash to the head by listening to an album like this since I played Mclusky's debut album back in the 90's and, previous to that, Shellac's debut album. This a complete aural assault on your senses, God only knows what their live sets are like, I can't believe you could come out of them the same person you were when you went in. This is adrenaline in silver disc form. It's not quite punk rock, it's not quite thrash metal and it's not quite indie rock, it's as if these were forced into a blender with Animal from the Muppets and an extract of Steve Albini's brain...

All the songs are all delivered in an almost thrash manner; very similar to Mclusky's half shout / half melodic manner that knocks everything slightly off kilter. The guitar riffs are tight and fast and yet they can write real alternative anthems like Topless Dudley Streetfighting which has so much bass that my poor helpless headphones just gave up the ghost halfway through - this is like the Stones Street Fighting Man if it taken Speed on top of twenty pints of Stella.

There is no half-way with these guys. Everything is full on and in your face. Sure, some of the songs may come across as childish or puerile, my particular favourite being Coked Up Supermodels Licking Shit Off A Blind Vicars Cock which has to be influenced by Nathan Barely and Chris Morris, whilst This Man Ruined My Life is about the size of someone's boyfriends dick. However, there is a social conscious and a political edge behind some of songs, it’s not all about dicks and drinks, Public Order Offences Keep Solicitors In Work is a take on what is becoming the police state whilst their sleeve notes read like a manifesto:

What is music for?

It's for making a statement, and confronting core beliefs and standards,
and creating an emotion, a felling, without exclusion, and fucking off
corporate wank. It needs to be difficult or it stops moving forward and
gets fucking boring

It's certainly not fucking boring. What can be said though is that it's attempting to move things forward, to shake things up - this is taking, what appears to be, disparate influences and forcing them together, maybe against their will, just to see what can be produced. It's exhilarating and amazing stuff; it's like putting a stick of dynamite in your soul and setting it off. What's left is what this album delivers - pure, unadulterated pleasure.




out of 10
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