36 Crazyfists - Collisions & Castaways

It's rare to find a band as hard-working and perservering as 36 Crazyfists, and even rarer to find one that's making an album this good. Since last album The Tide And Its Takers the band has changed both labels and line-up, returning to Roadrunner who released all their previous albums apart from the aforementioned, and replacing long-standing bassist Mick Whitney with guitar-tech Brett "Buzzard" Makowski. All of this change might have made a lesser band doubt themselves, but with 36CF it's only made them stronger.

Collisions & Castaways continues the heavy turn the band took with the previous album, but this time with darker and more crushing riffs in tow. Opening track 'In The Midnight's' acoustic intro may be a predictable move, but as soon as the distortion is turned on and vocalist Brock Lindow opens his mouth, you know these guys mean business. Lindow's unique, almost reverberating vocal style is one of the truly recognisable voices in modern metal and they benefit well from his ability to turn from bear-like roars to crooning melodies with ease. One particular highlight is his performance on 'Anchors' with Twelve Tribes frontman Adam Jackson, the chorus epicly soaring over the guitars.

But this is a crushing record at its core, with plenty of breakdowns and the ever brilliant backbone of drummer Thomas Noonan keeping everything together. 'Whitewater' is a pummeling beast of a track, while 'Death Renames The Light' is a song that just begs for a circle-pit. 36 Crazyfists have proved once again why they are one of the best modern metal acts around at the moment, making an album that never looks back and shows them firing on all cylinders. Not that we've come to expect anything less.



out of 10
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