1208 - Turn Of The Screw

California punk band 1208, named after the apartment number they first shared, play guitar rock as if they don’t care about breaking moulds or changing the face of music, but give their second album Turn Of The Screw a few listens and some punkpop gems will be quickly noticeable.

It’s becoming increasingly harder to assess punk records anymore. The attitude that was usually associated with such a musical genre is no longer credible, and it’s almost impossible for any band to not be fairly derivative of other, more successful artists from the past. 1208 seem to succeed on record because of a high energy tightness that is prevalent throughout Turn Of The Screw. Neshawn Hubbard’s guitars have a soaring frenetic penetration that seems to happily co-exist alongside Alex Flynn’s standard vocals, and it’s evident that the band are confident in each other’s ability. After all, Flynn’s uncle is Greg Ginn, co-founder of one of punk’s pioneers Black Flag.

It’s funny, because you could easily dismiss the band as Pennywise wannabes on the basis of the first few tracks on the album, and yet in the middle and end sections of Turn Of The Screw are some storming punkpop anthems that must hard-guitar acts would be proud of crafting. Time To Remember would, out of all fourteen tracks on the album, belong most on radio blitzing the charts with its catchy, stomping chorus. Lost And Found however, could easily slot into any teen-angst high-school film soundtrack. The rhythm guitar intro to Everyday impresses because it seems to drive the song more than the crashing hardcore middle-eighth and chorus, which suggest the band have the maturity to understand that volume isn’t everything.

1208 seem to love playing, and to love being as good as their former idols. The market is so saturated nowadays that the only way to ultimately succeed as a punk band anymore is to whore yourself for radio, so at least at this stage Turn Of The Screw haven’t compromised just yet, and have crafter a strong collection of accessible punk anthems.



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