Yukon Blonde - Tiger Talk

Boosted by one of the finest opening trios - the delightfully exuberant 'My Girl', 'Radio' with its glorious hook and the magnificent single 'Stairway' - we've heard this year, Yukon Blonde's sophomore album Tiger Talk is an utter joy that brings the summer early to your ears.

That the rest of Tiger Talk doesn't quite match the aforementioned trio is more a reflection of their brilliance rather than a criticism of what follows. With guitars defiantly angular and perky, it's impossible to listen to Tiger Talk without a bounce in your step and a smile on your face as the likes of 'Six Dead Tigers' hit you with their sing-along choruses and irresistibly bright attitude; even the climactic 'Sweet Dee' manages to fit a sing-along among its lush melancholy. Yukon Blonde are equally adept at taking things down a notch as they showcase on glorious 'Guns' which sees them travel into touch of psychedelia and also bears a welcome David Bowie air to it. If we were to have any complaints, it'd be that Tiger Talk only lasts for ten songs and just over 35 captivating minutes. Then again, we always were greedy.



out of 10

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