YACHT - Shangri-La

Like being given free rein in a sweet shop but without the cavities, YACHT's fifth album (second as an official duo on DFA Records) Shangri-La is a burst of hyperactive, fun electro disco pop that many will find impossible to resist. That it fails to fully sustain this throughout is almost negated when it offers up such gems as the funktastic 'Paradise Engineering' and the spacey rock of 'Beam Me Up', with its fantastic synth line, along the way. But like every sweet shop you visit, there are aniseed balls to be found and the dreary 'Love In The Dark' and, to a lesser extent, the overlong 'Tripped And Fell In Love' are musical equivalents, although the latter does at least offer up some great moments that aren't fully realised. Still, the title track leaves you on a giddy high, if only for its unashamed use of 'la, la, la' refrains, meaning it's an album you can't fail to be fond of, even if you are a bit pickier next time you visit.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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