Wolves In The Throne Room - Celestial Lineage

Over the past few years, Olympia WA brothers Wolves In The Throne Room have garnered quite a reputation for themselves, and especially those that have seen them live can attest to the almost spiritual nature of the band's ethereal black metal soundscapes. So it is with this additional hype that fourth album Celestial Lineage is awaited with bated breath by the metal scene, and it does not disappoint; as the haunting voice of Jessika Kenney heralds the opening of the ritual, we are drawn into a world of triumphant, ancient darkness.

Still heavily inspired musically by the formative Norwegian scene of twenty years ago, Wolves In The Throne Room are one of the very few willing to experiment with that sound and create something new; somewhat post-metal in their approach, the hatred and bile is replaced with feelings of longing, loneliness and bleak despair, fuelled and enhanced by the inspiration of the dramatic scenery of their home state. Celestial Lineage is exactly the record people hoped they would make – an uncompromisingly beautiful, dark transcendental masterpiece.



out of 10
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