Whitesnake - Forevermore

It’s time, apparently, for a new Whitesnake album and everything is in place: David Coverdale’s full throated warbling, the wailing guitars, the lascivious lyrics. What is missing, however, is the realisation that aged nearly 60, perhaps it's time to stop bleating on about the unfairness of your love life and what you will do to any woman foolish enough to fall for your haggard old rock star charms. The opening blues-metal strains of 'Steal Your Heart Away' offer some hope for things to come but the appalling lyrics and a pointlessly histrionic guitar solo ruin what could have been a cracking song. What follows are a bunch of songs in the same vein that, although performed with great technical skill, offer little or no interest to anyone but rabid Coverdale fans. There are a couple of points where things do rise about the moribund, most notably on the epic title track, offering hope that there may be life in this old dog yet but, as it closes the album, only the very brave will have stuck with this turgid affair long enough to hear it. One for the ‘why the hell is he still doing this?' pile.



out of 10
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