Whiskey Myers - Mud

After the disappointment of one of the other contenders for the Southern Rock crown - Cadillac Three's second effort - it's chance for Texan country rockers Whiskey Myers to put forward their case. And boy, do they. Following on the double whammy of 2012's excellent and tuneful Firewater, and 2014's hard rocking Early Morning Shakes is Mud. It's a simple title, mirroring the band's simple set up. The quintet form a powerful whole with the classic band set up of guitar(s), bass, drums, and vocals, with each taking their turn at the front, Cody Cannon leads with his voice on the soft middle section of 'Stone' and 'Trailer We Call Home', possibly the finest song about being content and poor in 2016.

It's not just in the stories that the strength of Mud lies, it's also in the music, whether it's the rollicking 'Hank', the live singalong vibe of 'Good Ole Days', or the evocative 'Lightning Bugs And Rain' there's a song for everyone. The dual guitars of Jody Tate and John Jeffers are let loose on more than one occassion and the album not only reminds you of the country great, but some rock greats too. Whiskey Myers are a band that are just getting better with age.


Hard, soft, tender, harsh, and everything in between. Brilliant stuff.


out of 10

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