Weekend - Sports

I shouldn't like this. My musical sensibilities should sniff at the blatant Jesus and Mary Chain references; the lonely subdued male vocal all but drowned out by the wall of distortion. However, what can I say: Sports, debut album from San Francisco band Weekend, is good - hell, it's very good. 'Coma Summer' blazes in, a nifty little melody just under the surface of the cacophony of guitars, and 'Youth Haunts' is even better; exciting and enthralling, you just know this band will be brilliant live. 'Monday Morning' has a hypnotic gloominess about it, with its repetitive bass and hazy voices in the background, while the edgy 'Age Cass' starts off with a bass line like a heartbeat until the guitars kick in, then it is non-stop punchy cool shoegaze punk like they used to make in the good ole days. A great record by what promises to be a great band. Beautiful power chord raucous rock and roll. Turn it up.



out of 10
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