We Are The Ocean - Go Now And Live

They may be a key component of the UK post-hardcore scene but We Are The Ocean leave their genre-hugging peers trailing in their wake. Originally released back in April, their second album has been scrubbed and polished for a welcome re-issue. Led by the dual vocal pairing of Liam Cromby and Dan Brown, the five piece assert an identity built on craft and melody rather than image and thrust. Yeah, they blow the walls down but so what? Volume and raw power, we’ve come to expect: it’s the unexpected that holds our attention.

In the case of WATO, take note of Cromby’s elegant burr, a voice rich enough to carry the demands of his smart melodics and a bag of songs that now hint at a maturing creativity beyond their influences. Previous single ‘The Waiting Room’ is still the irresistible high spot but, overall, this is an album whose smart tunefulness offers up welcome variation in tone as well as pace. Buy it now, if you missed out first time around, for the addition of a live disc that showcases the latter in a stripped down, acoustic setting.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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