Wayter - Feeding Time

London-based noisy alt-rock mob Wayter have finally gotten around to releasing their debut album Feeding Time and it doesn’t disappoint. Exploring math-rock time signatures, distorting and messing with melody and in general making quite a racket, tracks like the gloriously downbeat ‘Pilot Turtle’ come across like a more vicious Sonic Youth, while the seven-minute epic ‘Guildleigh’ even sounds a little like the more progressive end of Deftones' sonic spectrum. The darkened low end throb of ‘Atlantic:Pacific’ is dragged through barbed-wire riffs and clattering drum patterns before drifting into a dreamy ambient melody and away again, and this seems to be the bands greatest strength. The moody, intricate guitar lines of ‘Tba’, alongside the layered vocals and mighty crescendo of ‘Parachute’ are evidence of this. Effortlessly creating passionate noise yet never losing sight of their tuneful backbone, Wayter have come up with a formidable debut album that is sure to make them more than a fair few new fans.



out of 10
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