Warmrain - Absent Friends

Warmrain is the creation of singer-songwriter Leon J. Russell and the band’s debut EP, Absent Friends, sees him exploring an intensely personal, classic-rock sound.

The title track is the best of the bunch, its eight minutes seeing the band exploring their most introspective and progressive side with intricate acoustic melodies and mournful vocals. Credit has to go to producer John Mitchell (Frost, IT Bites) who has given this track a certain big, bombastic quality that particularly benefits the enormous-sounding drums, giving it that epic quality that a lot of modern day prog acts have. ‘Flying Dreams’ is a little dreary in comparison, never reaching the heights of the previous track and seemingly content to plod along. The layered, folky guitars of ‘Good To Belong’ pick things up again, with Leon’s vocals just a little reminiscent of Talk Talk's Mark Hollis. Overall, Absent Friends is a promising and well executed taster of what’s to come from Warmrain.



out of 10
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