Warm Brains - Old Volcanoes

The initial assumption from the opener 'Worried Seed' is that something epic is about to happen, that Warm Brains are breaking from the norm of a short intro and then doing something different. In that respect they don't disappoint - but it takes four minutes for them to get anywhere and it would've been nice for it to pad out into something a little more memorable. This is not a cheery bit of work. Singalongs? Not any time soon. While the lyrics themselves aren’t depressing the dreary vocals do little to lift the mood. The work of London-based producer Rory Atwell, Old Volcanoes has a hazy, slacker vibe (the biting guitars of 'Let Down' are very J Mascis) but it lacks subtly and most songs blur into one another in a mash of similarity, leaving it hard to pick out a favourite. Hard to engage with, leaving it vulnerable to the distractions of the casual listener.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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