Ward Thomas - Cartwheels

Second album from Hampshire sisters Catherine and Lizzy Ward Thomas is a delightfully pretty thing, perfect for these dwindling summer days as the nights grow closer and the bite of winter tinges the air. Their lovely harmonies and easy arrangements float around the room and you just can't help getting drawn in.

The pleasant country-pop of 'Carry You Home' starts things off nicely, uptempo enough to catch your attention, yet still with that endearing melancholy which characterises much of the album. Other tracks like 'Almost Easy' and 'Material' are homogenised trinkets that easily crossover the pop-country divide. Standouts include the wistful title track and the punchy 'Lose Me' with the protagonist taking a defiant air against a wayward suitor: "So excuse me / for moving on without you / now that I know how to." Elsewhere ballads such as 'Who I'm Not' and 'Safe' which close the album recall The Corrs at their best.

While Cartwheels may not blaze any new trails, its charming tunes about broken hearts and lost love sung in the sisters' beautiful voices will appeal to a wide audience who want nothing more a bit a tea and sympathy. Nothing wrong with that.



out of 10

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