Wampire - Curiosity

If we’re honest, there are too many over-hyped bands. And there isn’t a genre worse served by this than rock and it’s various sub-genres. It’s into this minefield that Wampire step with their debut, Curiosity. Getting airplay on Radio 1 from Zane Lowe and Huw Stephens is a pretty good start and their first single has been well received. Apparently playing their own brand of ‘melodic, skewed and unpredictable indie-rock’ Rocky Tinder and Eric Phipps sound a little too familiar for this to ring totally true. That first single, ‘The Hearse’, kicks things off with a catchy hook, short simple lyrics, and opening 70’s synth chords of doom. There’s a kind of wild west by way of Tarantino feel to ‘Orchards’ while ‘Spirit Forest’ summons the best sounds that 1983 can deliver and ‘I Can’t See Why’ adds a bit of surf-punk to the party. A slacker quality runs through the album, neatly summed up by one of the best tracks, the bass-driven ‘Trains’ - the first of three tracks that bring the album to an excellent climax. An overwhelmingly busy sonic mix on some tracks give the impression of a lack of focus, but the reality is that this is what engages, particularly through the slower first half. And although there’s no new ground broken here, there’s a likeability to Wampire’s debut which makes them a decent entry into the growing list of new bands worth checking out in 2013.



out of 10

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