Wagon Christ - Toomorrow

Luke Vibert’s sixth album as Wagon Christ is an aimless exercise in electronic buffoonery. The problems are obvious from the start; 'Introfunktion' melds together a bad Tony Blackburn impression, swearing, robotic vocals and a hip-hop beat. Similarly skittish tendencies take over the rest of the record whether through snatches of comic dialogue or goofy instrumentation, such as the gothic organ on 'Accordion McShane'. 'Manalyze This!' is a breakbeat parody, but why would anyone pick this over a cut from Zomby’s Where Were U In 92?; 'Ain’t He Heavy, He’s My Brother' is daft funk that’s equally hard to get enthused about. There’s nothing here as good or as uplifting as his previous minor chillout classic 'Shadows', it all smacks of mucking around and, while it may have been fun for Vibert, it’s not fun for the listener.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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