Vreid - V

Norway’s historically motivated black metallers Vreid return with their fifth album. Having reunited with previous guitarist Strom, V sees them going a little on the technical side and they’re all the better for it. This is black metal with a groove, albeit one that’s punctuated by more atmospheric and musically varied sections and full of brilliant solos. The blood-curdling vocals and dense thrashy riffing are still there though and opening track ‘Arche’ is a brilliant melding of all the facets of Vreid’s sound. A lot of black metal bands of recent have been doing their best to escape that archetypal sound, and here it’s taken in an altogether more melodic and technically proficient direction. It helps that the production is so clear and spacious as well, as many bands of their ilk lose any individuality in a blur of shoddy sound. Vreid aren’t afraid to rock-out and this album is all the better for it.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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