Veronica Falls

What joy, what rapture. The eponymous debut album from London band Veronica Falls is a breath of fresh indie air. This is music for those who dress in black and grey, who shun the sugary-sweet candy pop you hear on the radio these days. This band sing of doom (and gloom), broken hearts and ladies languishing away waiting for letters never sent. Yet the melodies and jingly-jangly guitars belie the album's morose tone. The music is a wonderful mix of vintage REM and the disjointed boy/girl harmonies of The Primitives. Roxanne Clifford's beautifully laid-back vocals add the perfect touch of nonchalance to the rather downbeat lyrics; she may be nursing a broken heart, but crying about it would only make her eyeliner run. And that would never do.

'Found Love In A Graveyard', 'Misery', 'Bad Feeling'. Get the picture? It's what Wednesday and Pugsley Addams would listen to: dark, sad, and ever so much fun. The fabulous 'Beachy Head' sounds like a Tim Burton production of Beach Blanket Bingo, and the spitfire wit of 'Wedding Day' rounds off the album perfectly: "So sorry I missed your wedding day / I didn't know just what to say / Except you don't look at her like you're looking at me." Righteous.



out of 10
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