Various - The Green Album

I was always a 'Sesame Street' man (boy) meself. 'The Muppet Show' steeped its show-must-go-on antics in an almost grotesquely Vaudevillian atmosphere; it was surely never really for kids, was it? Yeah, the characters were fluffy, brightly coloured and as pumped-up on aspartame as any childrens' entertainer should be. But their real MO, certainly ahead of actually putting on the damn shows, seemed to be to tease, irritate and physically assault their fellow hoofers. Hell, Miss Piggy's karate chops on a hapless Kermit were one thing but the real stars of the show were the acid pairing of Statler and Waldorf. Ageing disgracefully and determined not to enjoy themselves, they heckled with venom and glee, and yet they returned week after week for more mediocrity. Men after my own heart indeed. One can only guess what they would have made of this awkward compilation. They surely would have baulked at the prospect of someone called OK Go doing 'The Muppet Show Theme Song' and no doubt they would have summoned up enough octogenarian reserves of strength to tear their seats out and hurl them at Amy Lee as she emoted all over 'Halfway Down the Stairs'. They may well have, unavoidable grumbling aside, diluted their vitriol for Weezer and Hayley Williams' 'Rainbow Connection' or the presence of The Airborne Toxic Event or My Morning Jacket doing songs that only the most worryingly ardent Muppets fan would recognise. But somehow, I doubt it. Brought to you by the number '0' and the letters 'F' and 'U', here's evidence that drones in suits care little for art and a whole lot less for anything vaguely related to fun. Actually learning something? Forget it. If I knew where they lived, I'd send The Count round.



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