Various - Cheap Thrills Volume 2

This round up of tunes released on the Cheap Thrills label consists of one unmixed disc and another mixed by label founder Hervé. Although various dance sub-genres (from house to dubstep) are touched on, bouncy basslines and a frequent goofiness tie the whole thing together. Granted it’s at the extreme end of the spectrum, but Fake Blood’s 'I Think I Like It', inescapable during summer 2010, is illustrative of the marmite nature of a number of the inclusions; it's an earworm of the incredibly stupid variety, surely created to annoy the hell out of anyone who might take dance music at all seriously. Still, there a smattering of straighter, more generally palatable tracks: Lone’s 'Pineapple Crush (Manchester Warehouse VIP)', which throws every rave cliché at the wall to immensely enjoyable effect, is itself nearly enough reason to recommend the release.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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