Various Artists - O Brother, Where Art Thou? Soundtrack - Deluxe Edition

I remember going to see O Brother Where Art Thou? with a group of friends and, as is often the way with a Coen Brothers film, it received a mixed reaction. What we all did agree on, however, was that the music - a mixture of Blues, Bluegrass and Country - was a thing of beauty. Amazingly, the soundtrack album went on to sell more than nine million copies and was rightly showered with awards. Now, some ten years on, comes a double deluxe reissue of said soundtrack that houses the original album alongside a second disc containing songs recorded at the time but never before released. The original soundtrack careers along with nary a bum note; from the dulcet country tones of Alison Krauss through the classic blues of Ralph Stanley to the glorious Soggy Bottom Boys and more, this is an album that never fails to deliver. The second disc adds more of the same and is a great listen in its own right but, if you have the original release, there is probably not quite enough there to just justify the upgrade. If, however, you don’t own this then, film tie-in or not, there couldn’t be a better introduction to a musical world of timeless brilliance that may have passed you by.




out of 10
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