Uneven Structure - Februus

Let’s try and cut Uneven Structure a little slack here: Februus is the debut album from the French prog metal outfit, and unfortunately they have fallen into a few of the pitfalls that often hit acts as they start to make their way in this murky business. Most noticeably, the band have produced a record that is just too close in sound to their heroes; the hallmarks of Meshuggah are everywhere and the comparisons with their contemporaries (and former touring partners) TesseracT are unavoidable.

From a purely technical point of view, Februus has a lot to recommend it: the complex polyrhythms wind harmoniously along; the rather ethereal guitar tones create massive soundscapes that are deftly heavy without ever being cumbersome. Yet there is still in the back of the mind the inescapable sense of having heard it all before. It’s by no means a premature death-knell for Uneven Structure but they need to forge their own unique identity sooner rather than later.



out of 10
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