Turbowolf - Covers EP Vol. 1

After a year on the road supporting their cranium crunching debut album, Bristol rockers Turbowolf obviously decided to have some fun in the studio and the result is this raucous EP of cover versions. It was always likely to be a challenge taking on the work The Hives and Lightning Bolt , given the already ferocious nature of the originals, and it is to their credit that Turbowolf add just enough of their own spark to make them work. Their take on the Jefferson Airplane classic ‘Somebody to Love’ is irresistibly bonkers but the best effort is a doomy, trippy and downright menacing reworking of the MGMT’s ‘Electric Feel’ that wizzes all over the deathly dull original from a great height.

Cover versions are a tough thing to get right but Turbowolf have delivered a short, sharp punch of down and dirty rock 'n' roll excitement. What more could you possibly ask?



out of 10

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