Tu Fawning - Hearts On Hold

Hearts On Hold is the debut album from Joe Haege and Corrina Repp, better known as Tu Fawning. It's an intriguing indie-folk offering that offers a stripped back, basic sound that plays to the pair's real strengths. With heavy use of pounding drums almost - but not quite - overpowering Repp's vocals it could be argued that the album is a chore, but sticking with it reveals something of a dark treat; just one that's severely flawed. The almost 'emo' sensibilities that are prevalent throughout the album leave the listener drained and by the time we reach the half-way point in the aptly named 'Just Too Much' you'll be itching to press stop! The drum/horn combination worked well for 6 Day Riot but here they lend little more than a morose backing to Repp's strong, but droning, vocals. Hearts on Hold an album that is teeming with ideas, but the execution doesn't match their promise and results in this missed opportunity.



out of 10
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