Tripwires - Spacehopper

Spacehopper is the debut album from West Berkshire’s Tripwires. Without wishing to give a flase impression, there is a touch of early Radiohead to their sound. Listing their influences as grand as Neil Young, Yo La Tengo, Talk Talk and Sonic Youth, the four friends from Reading set expectations incredibly high. Spacehopper is certainly a step up from the days of youth when they spent their lunch break at school covering Slipknot songs whilst learning their trade. Sadly, despite aiming their sights towards the sky, this first effort is distinctly average. Most of its indie rock riffs have been torn straight from a 90s compilation album, ‘Paint’ being a good example of this homage. There are some mildly interesting efforts, such as ‘A Feedback Loop Of Laughter’ but on the whole it’s a pastiche of stuff you’ve heard before. ‘Plasticine’ is a standard indie rock track mixed up with a blast of noise every now and then, ‘Shimmer’ a pale imitation of Radiohead’s ‘Just’. There are intermittent dreamy, shimmering keyboards to add something a little different to the mix but ultimately this is unremarkable. 2013 has thrown up better and more interesting debuts to spend your hard earned cash on.



out of 10

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