trioVD - X

A four track EP based on the personalities of the four judges from that much-loved musical abomination The X Factor? And done in a math rock/jazz fusion style with geeky time signatures and outrageous technical ability? Let me introduce you to X, the latest offering from trioVD. The continual genre-hopping is frankly impressive, a whirlwind tour across the musical globe in double quick time; the dizzyingly fast technical metal of 'Tulisa' segues seamlessly into the constrained, but not entirely controlled, jam of 'Walsh' with a consummate ease that defies logic.

The late-night jazz of 'Kelly' is a sultry, mysterious affair, despite the intrusion of some dubstep bass wobbling along underneath, as it builds towards a chaotic and exhausted finale; this is ultimately the highlight of a highly varied assortment. I can’t attest to how well trioVD embody the four individuals in these twenty minutes of aural gymnastics, but X is an enjoyable albeit a weird (even by my own peculiarly strange standards) listen that dares to be, and succeeds for the most part, a little bit different.



out of 10
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