Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Night Castle

It’s taken two years for Trans-Siberian Orchestra to release their latest overblown opus Night Castle this side of the pond, but has it been worth the wait? Well, yes and no... Pompous does not even begin to cover the blend of power metal and classical compositions that Trans-Siberian Orchestra unleash with a cast of dozens, if not hundreds, and at over two hours long all told, it is a bit of a marathon to get all the way through in one sitting. When Night Castle is good, it is very good, but when the music takes a turn for the worse it crash and burns spectacularly. Generally it is when the band bring in the likes of Mozart, Bach and Grieg that the album really takes off, the wondrous melodies and lush orchestration blowing the listener away. The versions of ‘Toccata’ and especially Carl Orff’s ‘Carmina Burana’ are electrifying with their dazzling guitar work emboldening these marvellous pieces. However, on the flip side, Trans-Siberian Orchestra's own tunes fall a very long way short as the likes of the bland ‘Sparks’ or the over-wrought ‘Epiphany’ destroy any momentum the highlights may build.



out of 10
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