Tom Odell - Songs From Another Love EP

Oh be still my beating heart. Not another impossibly talented, good looking young musician writing exquisite songs with a depth and maturity far outstripping his young years. Yet at the ripe old age of 21, Chichester-born Tom Odell has landed both a recording contract with Columbia and a support slot on Jake Bugg's upcoming November tour.

The four songs that make up this EP are pretty impressive. The EP starts off with the sweeping splendour of 'Another Love', a real heartbreaker of a tune that begins with Odell and his melancholy piano before erupting into a grandiose show-stopper. The lovely Jazz-influenced 'Sense' follows, slowing things down a bit and really showcasing Odell's wonderful voice, before 'Can't Pretend', another dramatic piece with fiery female backing singers circling around Odell like sirens. The nice low-key demo 'Stay Tonight' wraps things up with just Odell and his piano accompanied by acoustic guitar. Exciting stuff that will whet your appetite for his debut album expected next year. Tom Odell is definitely one to watch.



out of 10

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