Timber Timbre - Sincerely, Future Pollution

The Canadian quartet return with their sixth studio album, Sincerely, Future Pollution sees the group continuing their foray into all things electronic that was started with 2014’s Hot Dreams. Always remaining on the periphery of the Indie scene, and narrowly pipped at the post for album of the year nods by such contemporaries as Arcade Fire, Timber Timbre have slowly started to seep into the public consciousness - thanks in part to their work being featured on TV shows such as Breaking Bad and The Good Wife.

While not totally eschewing the sparse Noir Rockabilly croon of their earlier blues/folk release, Sincerely, Future Pollution is comprised of a wider array of influences than their most ardent fans may be used to. The bleak weariness associated with their earlier releases but now accompanied by influences such as French Electropop and Krautrock which propels the album into a dystopian future akin to Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. Highlights include opener Leonard Cohen-esque ‘Velvet Gloves & Spit’, the grimly menacing funeral march of ‘Sewer Blues’, the disorientating Vocoder led ‘Bleu Nuit’, and ‘Western Questions’ which swings along with over the top 80s Phil Collins drums barely masking a layer of bitter lyrical anger.

The beauty of Timber Timbre is that they never feel the need to cram every single track to gills with noise, knowing when to apply the brakes and let the individual components speak for themselves. The old school electronica and synth work makes Sincerely, Future Pollution a grand, beautiful, but occasionally uncomfortable listen, with the future they envision - “The sewers overflowed, while everyone was Instagram” as Kirk croons on album closer ‘Floating Cathedral’ - being unnervingly close on the horizon.


Gothic electronic beauty


out of 10
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