Thomas White - Yalla!

Thomas White’s musical vocation is certainly to be admired: the 27 year old multi-instrumentalist has been honing his skills for over two decades, throwing himself into gruelling global tours and ever elevating his extensive roster of musical accomplishments. After retiring The Electric Soft Parade in 2008, White returned to Rough Trade supergroup Brakes and put out his second solo record The Maximalist. Following two years of travel and session credits for the likes of Sparks and Patrick Wolf, White returns with his third solo LP, Yalla!

Recorded while away in Dahab, Egypt, Yalla! is a largely stripped back affair comprising solely of vocals and acoustic guitar. The minimalist approach can be heard right down to the background tape fuzz as White gently picks and reflects through ten tracks of harmonious bliss. Lyrically, it’s evidently among the most personal work White has committed to record with frequent musings on past experiences, friends and loss. Sparse opener ‘All The Fallen Leaves’ beautifully captures the reflective nature: “Took a trip out to God knows where / Don’t even know when I’ll be back again / I miss Brighton town / Cold wet and brown / All the fallen leaves”. White delivers these songs with a subdued, earnest warmth making repeat listens a must. While White may not know when he’ll be back again, fans will no doubt be returning to this album for years to come.



out of 10
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