This Frontier Needs Heroes - The Future

There’s something quite enchanting about a male / female duet in folk music, and duo This Frontier Needs Heroes have delivered just that with their second album The Future. Brad and Jessica Lauretti’s delicately arranged acoustic stories come across like a sparser, more traditional Angus & Julia Stone, relying more on the power of their voices and harmonies to seep through the quiet arrangements and share their lovelorn tales.

‘Don’t Treat Me Like A Dog’ has a soothing, foot-tapping rhythm and some country-esque flourishes on electric guitar, while also giving Jessica one of the few chances to exercise her vocal chords. The lulling, summery touches of ‘Key West’ evoke hazy, relaxing evenings on the beach, while the pipes and strings of ‘Just Because’ show the duo inviting a little more texture into their musical palette. It’s a shame that Jessica isn’t given the lead on more tracks, as her at once smoky and innocent voice is quite brilliant, but otherwise this is a dreamy collection of alt-folk splendour. Plus rather the artwork is rather puzzlingly in 3D and even comes with a pair of nifty glasses to make the most of it.



out of 10
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