The Young - Dub Egg

With a freshly inked contract to Matador Records, The Young follow their obscure 2010 debut Voyagers of Legend with a record rich in 90s fuzzed out rock vibrancy. Dub Egg plays like an unintentional homage to favoured label mates: the waves of jangly guitars and blanketed vocals conjuring the buzz of Pavement and Yo La Tengo without becoming derivative but the ragged Texan four-piece fit so neatly among Matador’s current roster of classic rock throwbacks that it’s possible they may get lost in the ether.

Opening track ‘Livin’ Free’ is enough to give the listener an idea of what The Young are all about, their psych rock swagger cruises along nicely giving the impressive riffs and drum work room to breathe. Unfortunately, Hans Zimmerman’s vocals go largely unnoticed underneath the rest of the bands musical shtick; choruses rarely hammer the ears for attention and his weasel-like snarl never quite hits a memorable peak. ‘Plunging Rollers’ is a mid-way stand out, proving the band’s ear for a good folk-rock ballad while ‘NUMB’ sports some atmospheric chiming. The psychedelic garage rock approach never really disappeared and if Dub Egg plays the formula out almost a little too familiarly, it’s a record that both rewards and matures with repeated spins and will no doubt please those drawn to the format.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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