The Xcerts - Stairs To Noise: The Scatterbrain EP

Following on from their well-received sophomore release Scatterbrain, Scottish rockers The Xcerts continue to please with their latest effort Stairs To Noise. Whilst the five-track EP does include two tunes – one of which has been reworked as an ‘alternative version’ – that were originally featured on the aforementioned full-length, fans shouldn’t feel too hard done by, as the band do also offer up some new material. With its melancholy mood and excellent interplay between soft and heavy ‘Tear Me Down’ is particularly powerful, in places it oozes a Snow Patrol meets Biffy Clyro style sound. However, it is the trio’s unexpected cover of Elliot Smith’s acoustic number ‘Say Yes’ that proves to be the highlight of this fifteen-minute release. Although it admittedly treads similar ground to its predecessor, this is definitely worth a listen.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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