The White Album - Conquistador

With impressive beards capable of hiding enough weapons to slay an entire invading army, one might expect Denmark’s The White Album to be a trio of venom spitting hardcore nutters. In fact this mini album is a short, and exquisitely sweet, collection of beautifully arranged and performed folk music. ‘Counting Treasures’, kicks things off with military drum beats and maudlin horns that make for a piece of post-rock/folk majesty that makes you sit up and pay attention, while ‘Trenches’, at just over minute long, is a perfectly pitched piece of deeply layered acapella beauty that is the absolute highlight.

The rest of Conquistador, while not quite reaching those early heights, is still chock full of melodies, ideas and tunes that will find favour with lovers of great music everywhere. The best slab of Scandinavian folk you are likely to hear this year.



out of 10

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