The Son(s)

The Son(s) are an enigmatic band from Scotland and this self-titled debut is really quite wonderful. An album of sunny reflection and folk nostalgia, the eleven songs are carefully crafted and full of subtle nuances. Opening track ‘Dogs, Boys And Men’ has a definite Americana feel to it, replete with some sweet vocal harmonies and just a hint of the classic-rock guitar which is explored later on brilliant first single ‘Radar’ which has some great synths bubbling just underneath the surface. Later on, ‘Pinholes’ strikes a chord with its downbeat, introspective moods, delicately picked melodies and ghostly backing vocals coming together in a truly moving track. Each track is so carefully layered and textured that it’s difficult not to be taken away by each song, helped no end by the slightly smoky vocals. A supremely impressive debut.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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