The Resonance Association - Heliopause

Let's get the dirty business of business out the way first: one half of the two-headed beast that is The Resonance Association just happens to be TMF's very own Baron of the Bizarre, Dom Hemy - and this is what he does when he's not foraging for Finnish black metal and the like. Not that TRA need any particular leg-up from his Editor, not when Heliopause is their fourth full-length in five years; Hemy and colleague Daniel Vincent seem to be doing very well by themselves thank you.

While instrumental post-rock of the headphone kind is sometimes straight-jacketed by the norms of the format, Heliopause benefits when the duo lift their heads, set their feet and introduce a genuine sense of urgency, as on the powerful 'Momentum' where you fully expect Fields of the Nephilim's Carl McCoy guttural baritone to enter the fray at any time. When the sound is more obviously David Gilmour-influenced, TRA have a solid grasp of the necessary ebb and flow and can rustle up a properly sinister edge ('Memory Fade to Silver') or more overall mysterious quality ('Midnight Square') that stays on the right side of engaging, while many of their contemporaries are happy to simply ape the genre pioneers. The dark pulsings of 'Methods of Control' introduce a Krautrock air that further expands TRA's palette of sound, testament to the duo's pursuit of expanding horizons - wherever they may arise.



out of 10
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