The Proclaimers - Let's Hear It For The Dogs

More casual listeners of The Proclaimers will know them for their relatively twee, unabashed romanticism backed with an acoustic guitar. That song has remained fairly ubiquitous since its release in 1988 - and its appearance in 1993's Benny & June that drove success Stateside - growing to become an alternate national anthem during last year's Commonwealth Games. Now working with Manic's producer Dave Eringa, on Let's Hear It For The Dogs the Reid brothers draw upon their formative punk influences with songs like 'You Built Me Up' that put pedal to the floor. Their melodic craft remains throughout though, their delicate lilting harmonies still giving them that immediately identifiable Proclaimers sound.

Generally unafraid to take on the greater societal issues - 'What School' grapples with the endemic issue of sectarianism in their homeland, 'Then Again' the fallout from the Savile case (“I'm sleeping soundly in my bed / 'Cos Jimmy Saville is still dead”) - but behind the punchier sound, there are few real surprises. Fans will enjoy the country-tinged 'Ten Little Fingers' and the soul-tinged numbers but, overall, it's business as usual for the Scotland's most famous twins.


Business as usual for the Scotland's most famous twins.


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