The Primitives - Never Kill A Secret EP

Here's the scary thing: it's twenty years since The Primitives last released any new music but on the strength of the four tracks on this EP, time has been kind. It really is as if they've never been away. Of the two self-penned numbers, 'Rattle My Cage' replicates their effortless fizz pop of yore while 'Never Kill a Secret' plays up their hazier, Velvets side. The EP is fleshed out by two smart covers: the Lee Hazelwood-penned 'Need All the Help I Can Get' has more of a West coast psych vibe than you might recall from the days of 'Crash' and Toni Basil's (yes, that Toni Basil) 1966 stomper 'Breakaway' rounds things off rather nicely. Whether this is a permanent reunion or not, these tracks add to, rather than detract from, their reputation. Pretenders beware!



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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