The Narcoleptic Dancers - Never Sleep

Having delivered a couple of endearingly sweet singles of gentle folk-pop, it was with much anticipation that I stuck on the debut long player from Franco-Dutch duo, The Narcoleptic Dancers. Sadly, the next thirty two minutes was to provide one of the most annoying and frustrating listens of the year.

The singles lead things off well enough but it soon becomes apparent that every song will follow the same cloyingly quirky blueprint that quickly becomes irksome. Only the gentle electro-pop riffs of ‘Dusty Cowboy’ offer any respite, but that is soon forgotten as the tweeness rapidly returns. You could probably forgive this were it not for the fact that, despite its short run time, Never Sleep is padded out with a couple of demos of songs, ‘Rastakraut’ and ‘Unique Tree’, that already appear. There is also the album closer, ‘In The Dark’, which is bizarrely labelled as a bonus track. So rather than musing on the music you’ve been listening to you can’t help asking yourself. Bonus track? On a thirty minute album? What is that all about? The result is an album that could have been an enjoyable ride but instead finds itself on the ‘what might have been’ pile.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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