The Memory Band - Oh My Days

Stephen Cracknell has been quiet of late; his last major release being the debut album from The Accidental, his project with Sam Genders of Tunng. Here he returns to The Memory Band and with him he brings a whole host of new players to flesh out his delicate folk compositions. Oh My Days sees Cracknell returning to something that’s markedly more organic, eschewing a lot of the previous electronic influences for more natural instrumentation. ‘Blackberry Way’ has an almost tropical tinge to the guitar playing, sounding like an instrumental Yeasayer, while the subtle percussion and Liam Bailey’s vocals on ‘Demon Days’ give it a moody, soulful air. It’s the vocalists that really make this album and with people like the aforementioned Sam Genders, Dot Allison and the wonderful Nancy Wallace, who sings on highlight ‘By The Time It Gets Dark’, Oh My Days is a sweet journey in the company of the best in modern British folk.



out of 10
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