The Lumineers - Cleopatra

In the four years since 'Ho Hey' first invaded a million adverts and uplifting television moments, The Lumineers themselves have been surprisingly quiet. The ubiquitousness of this tune has seen the trio be viewed as a sort of American Mumford & Sons, which is not totally untrue. For the band themselves that's not a bad thing, and good news for fans of mid-tempo, heart string tugging, foot stomping Americana-lite is that Cleopatra finds the band in roughly the same space as their 2012 debut.

Drenched in reverb there is more definition, and a cleaner, less cluttered feel, to their sound second time round. With the instrumentation stripped right back this could all feel subtler; only it doesn't. Though amongst the expected uplifters like the soaring plea of ‘Angela’ and the rousing foot stomp of the title track, there is restrained beauty too on ‘Gale Song’ and ‘My Eyes’. The presence of Simone Felice at the production wheel is definitely felt on the rise and fall of emotions and pacing. So not bad then but maybe more ho hum.


An ebb and flow of a record.


out of 10

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