The Loves - ...Love You

With The Loves calling it a day this year, they’re probably hoping that this album is going to see them end on a high note. This album is ten tracks of light-hearted indie-pop tomfoolery, full of vocal harmonies and playful lyrics about STDs as on ‘O! My Gawd’. The band are clearly having a whole lot of fun, and who can blame them. ‘I Want Love & Affection’ manages to combine Beach Boys playfulness with rock ‘n’ roll riffing, while ‘King Kong Blues’ does exactly what it says on the tin with its fuzzy, distorted southern stomp. It all goes a bit doom and gloom however when ‘It’s...The End Of The World’ kicks in with its screeches of futility and an appearance from Doug Yule of The Velvet Underground as Jesus of all people. The Loves' ...Love You has ended their tenure with something wonderfully put-together - and very slightly bizarre.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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