The Kenneth Bager Experience - The Sound Of...

The PR for this release ominously stresses Kenneth Bager’s role in starting Copenhagen’s “answer to Shoom” and introducing the likes of Paul Oakenfold and The Orb to Denmark, but not any music he’s made in a career that spans over three decades. Looking down the track listing, there’s hardly a song that doesn’t have a ‘featuring’ beside it. Yes, this is a man with famous friends, or at least some semi-famous friends; Julee Cruise and Aloe Blacc are the only names I recognise.

The Sound Of… is an eclectic, fragmented album. Opening track 'Naked Music' starts off okay, blending cheesy reggae with a sampled-sounding vocal, but goes way OTT with a wacky horn section. 'I Can’t Wait' and 'The Sound Of Swing (Oh Na Na)', doing what it says on the tin, are tacky pop. Jazz hands at the ready! There’s also 'And I Kept Hearing', daisy hip-hop over 20 years too late and snoozesome instrumental Balearic chill-out tunes, one of them, 'Bolero', based on a ballet piece. The best thing here is 'The First Picture', the Julee Cruise track, even if it sounds more like something Mint Royale may have churned out in the early noughties than her work with David Lynch. Largely uninspiring and with songs frequently based around annoying hooks, it’s rather hard to imagine the kind of party Kenneth Bager thinks this record might help start.



out of 10
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