The Hush Now - Memos

A five piece from the birthplace of Aerosmith, Boston, Massachusetts, The Hush Now have been ticking along for the last few years with only the small matter of a major line-up change to interfere with progress. Settled, for the moment, as a quintet they’re releasing their third album Memos in the UK, the first they’ve written together as a band. With an eclectic mix of influences - from My Bloody Valentine to Hall & Oates - their sound is pure indie-pop, with a little eighties-ness throw in for good measure. Lead singer Noel Kelly has a distinctive vocal delivery which lends them a certain uniqueness. For the most part Memos is generic indie-pop fare and it could be by any one of a number of other bands over the last ten or so years. But just when you’re about to eject the CD (old school I know) they throw a few curveballs - the triumvirate of ‘Cameraphone’, ‘The Glow’, and ‘Sitting On A Slow Clock’ - which prove they know their way around a decent number. Sadly they slip back into bad habits on ‘Rooftops’ and ‘Mother’s Lament’ before a botched rescue attempt on the final two tracks. One of those albums that playlists are meant for.



out of 10

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