The Haunted - Unseen

Who are these people and what have they done with the real The Haunted? The most striking thing about the band’s latest offering Unseen is how much is does not sound anything like The Haunted. From the New Orleans sludge of ‘No Ghost’ to the happy-go-lucky whistling of ‘The Skull’, many styles and bands are imitated as if this were a bunch of teenagers paying homage to their heroes; with the exception of the ferocious ‘Motionless’, the wonderfully brutal thrash and death metal that have been their hallmark for so long is entirely absent. ‘All Ends Well’ could be a leftover Velvet Revolver or some such track and even closing track ‘Done’, usually where the band are at their best, is distinctly lacking the edge and darkness of its predecessors like ‘Forensick’ or ‘My Shadow'. Somewhere down the road The Haunted have lost their identity and the sooner they find it again, the better.



out of 10
Category Quick Fix

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